Accessibility option on Google Maps


On Thursday, Google made an announcement, in a blog post, that they have  "a new initiative that will help people with disabilities find more accessible destinations through Google Maps."

So, Google has made a setting where users can add whether or not a location is accessible.
A representatives from google made this statement: 

“Many of us take for granted simple things like walking through a doorway, taking the stairs to the next floor, or always having a comfortable seat at a restaurant table, but for tens of millions of people worldwide, those very things aren’t possible unless a place has a wheelchair accessible entrance, elevator or accessible seating.”

If you use Google Maps, you can add information to let others know if destination is: wheelchair-accessible entrance, has an elevator, seating or parking.

"So far, accessibility information has been added to over 7 million locations."

The world is recognizing accessibility as a standard ! This is great news for the disability community.

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