Wheelchairs on Airplanes

Do you or a loved one use a wheelchair for mobility? How often do you travel? What forms of travel do you prefer?

More often than not, people who travel with wheelchairs do not choose airplanes as transportation because of the inconvenience.

When you fly:

  • You cannot use your own wheelchair
  • Airplane seats do not provide the support you need
  • Wheelchairs are broken when checked in with the luggage
  • Wheelchairs even get lost

What a lot of able bodied people do not see is that wheelchairs are not accessories, they are an extension of the person. When you are transferred to another chair or worse, if you are held up in the airport because your wheelchair is lost, there are serioussituations that risk peoples lives.

Leave it to Michele Erwin, a mom of a child with disabilities, to fight for wheelchairs on airplanes. The unfortunate part is that her son cannot travel with her because it is too risky for him to fly without his chair.

Click below to watch the BBC video and learn about this incredible mom's plans for making airplane rides more comfortable for people who use wheelchairs.

Click on image to watch the video.

Click on image to watch the video.

What is your experience with Airplane Travel? What do you think about this plan?

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