Inspiration Wednesday!

 Love this modern ADA wheelchair accessible kitchen from Bunker Workshop. Nice use of space and countertops!

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Master Bathroom, Rochester Hills- Roll-in Shower Work in Process ( Part 2 )

Home Remodeling is not just about the look of your home, but about the space’s functionality ✨It is choosing colors, lightning, and tiles just as it is also about changing people’s lives and improving their way of living.🏡🌿.


Caring for Tor- An intimate look at the life of a young caregiver

Stephane Alexis, 24, has put his own goals and aspirations on hold to help his parents care for his younger brother Torence, who has cerebral palsy. Young caregivers are an often-overlooked population - too tired from the day-to-day to advocate for more resources and support.

As a family with a loved one with disabilities, we like to bring awareness to the disability community and their caregivers.

This short, 8 minute documentary is raw, unfiltered reality of the life of Tor and his caregivers.

Recently, young caregivers are being recognized for their roles as caregivers in their families.

Let us know what you think below.

 Are you a young caregiver? Tell us what your experience is.


Harmar Stair Lifts- Made in USA


Any home can be accessible. Harmar Pinnacle Stair lifts are made in the USA, guaranteeing high quality! Call us today to learn more about stair lifts at (734)414-9525 and check out the Stair lift section of our website here.

Wellness Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Friends!

In honor of Wellness Wednesday, lets talk about exercise!

There are many kinds of exercises you can do, no matter your age or ability.

What Tyrell told The mighty in his interview is right, “Being disabled, we always have to adapt.” He says "started small" at home, using water battles as weights and from there progressed. Even if you cannot move a certain muscle, ask for help.

Watch the video below that Tyrell Eddy and Lisa Rivera from The Axis Project in New York City, made on 7 simple exercises you can do in a wheelchair.

Click here for the full article and read Tyrell and Lisa's descriptions.

I will leave you all with this quote from Tyrell, 

“Even if you have no mobility, but can move your head, keep moving your head. Keep moving something, The more you do it, the better it gets, the stronger you get.”

What is your favorite exercise? Which exercise looks interesting to you? 

Leave a comment below.

Accessible Bathroom 101

Accessible Bathroom. Roll-in shower with folding bench. ADA toilet with Flip bars and bidet toilet seat.

Accessible Bathroom. Roll-in shower with folding bench. ADA toilet with Flip bars and bidet toilet seat.

Over the years, working with the disability community, bathrooms have been our top priorities. The majority of our clients injuries at home, are from the bathroom. 

"Bathrooms can be one of the most dangerous rooms in the home."

Above MS, is a helpful resource for people with MS. There, I found an Occupational Therapist giving advise on bathroom modifications. I found her tips useful, so below, I broke it down for you ,as well as, added advise from our experience.

1. Flip Grab bar, 2. Bidet toilet seat

1. Flip Grab bar, 2. Bidet toilet seat

Grab bars

Grab bars come in different sizes and shapes. They can be installed vertically or horizontally. Flip bars are also a great option, especially next to the toilet. The flip bar, flips up and down, depending on your needs. It is helpful for transferring to the toilet.

ADA toilet

A raised toilet seat, or placing a commode with arms over a toilet, can help with transferring by reducing the distance from sitting to standing, or standing to sitting. Along with the ADA toilet, many of our clients request bidet toilet seats. For many people who have any sort of problem with decreased sensation, trunk rotation, decreased spine-motor coordination, or dexterity, bidet toilet seat help our clients with wiping and proper cleaning, a bidet toilet seat is a Godsend.

1. Grab bars, 2. Folding shower bench

1. Grab bars, 2. Folding shower bench


Shower seat

A shower seat is a must for an ADA shower. We recommend a folding shower bench. This is connected to the wall, so there is no sliding of the seat. You can fold it up to be out of your way, or fold it down when you need it. If you notice the image, we install grab bars right next to the shower seat for safe transitioning. 

 Hand shower

A Hand shower allows our clients or their caregivers, to shower easily and safely. You can use it standing up or sitting down.

1. Grab bars, 2. Hand shower, 3. Folding shower bench, 4. Roll-in Shower

1. Grab bars, 2. Hand shower, 3. Folding shower bench, 4. Roll-in Shower


Roll-in Shower

As an ADA specialists, we recommend an open floor design or Roll-in shower. There are no barriers to step over. Our clients can roll in and out of the shower.

Automatic Light Switch

When it comes to light switches, push pads are much easier than switches. There are different kinds, some are a glow-in-the-dark with wall templates, that are helpful for nighttime use. We also recommend automatic light switches. They turn on automatically when you enter the bathroom, using motion sensors.

Like the Occupational Therapist says, "Again, bathrooms could be inherently dangerous rooms, so it’s probably one of the most important rooms to start with certain changes or modifications. "

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A letter to Caregivers

"Caregiving is not easy, and I wish more people knew that it is a full-time, around-the-clock job, every single day."

I was hooked on this letter, from The mighty, after reading this sentence.

 Many of you know that we are a family owned business. The owners are husband and wife, who started BFA LLC. accessible home modifications company out of a need for accessible home modifications, for their daughter with Cerebral Palsy. The owners are also caregivers for their daughter.

Accessible Home modifications help people with disabilities have a better quality of life with the independence and safety they provide, but it helps the caregivers as well! Transferring is easier AND safer for the caregiver as well, when they are in a barrier free space.

Sofia (Daughter/ inspiration) to the left, Gwendolyne (BFA LLC. CEO/ Mother/ Caregiver) to the right

Sofia (Daughter/ inspiration) to the left, Gwendolyne (BFA LLC. CEO/ Mother/ Caregiver) to the right

As I read this article, I could relate. I imagine some of you can as well. 

This letter is from one mom caregiver to another:

"I completely understand what it’s like to devote your life to care for someone else and neglect your own needs. It started taking a toll on me. You helped me recognize that it is good — and at times necessary — to let people in and accept help."
"I learned that asking for help doesn’t make me any less of a mother or a caregiver.
As caregivers, we need to nourish ourselves."


The writer also reminds us...

 "It’s in everyone’s best interest that I’m the best version of myself, so that I can help my son live a successful and healthy life."

Caregivers are the glue that keep us together and going. 

The team at BFA LLC. is dedicated to enhancing our clients quality of life. We are passionate about accessibility solutions. We live in a home that is completely accessible, so we use the services and products that we provide our clients, everyday.

Caregivers, What do you do the de-stress?

Sensory Kits at Restaurants

If you have a loved one or friend, with a sensory processing disorder, you know that it may be stressful going to restaurants. Anova, the nonprofit for children with sensory and learning differences, is now providing restaurants with sensory-freindly kits specifically designed to avoid meltdowns.

This all started when Jackie Hadley, Anova’s manager of charitable development and community relations, mentioned that she had many parents and family say that they just do not go out to restaurants due to the challenges related with sensory processing disorders.

What a great idea!
Unfortunately, the Anova kits are only in 11 restaurants in California...But, The Mighty has also provided a link to make one yourself. Click here to make your own sensory kit.

Let us know if you made a kit, or already have a versions of a kit.


Yoga & MS

After hearing from friends and clients with MS, talk about Yoga benefiting them, I decided I wanted to learn more.

Right on the National Multiple Sclerosis Website, in the exercise category, there is a very informative piece that explains the benefits of Yoga, especially for those with MS. The overview starts with this:
                         "The word ‘yoga’ means to yoke or join together—uniting the mind, body and spirit. Joining physical poses with the breath, action with thought, and awareness with intention can bring peace to body, mind and spirit. The simple practice of breathing, something all of us do every day without thought, becomes a powerful tool when you can become aware of how your breathing affects every part of your body. As you learn how to focus awareness on your breathing, you can observe how your mind can feel calmer and your body more relaxed."

The article continues to explain that anyone can practice yoga. There is adaptive yoga, poses you can do in a chair or wheelchair. Meditation and its benefits are also mentioned. 

You can read the article here, to learn more about the benefits of Yoga and for resources to find a qualified instructor.

" If you have ever wondered whether yoga is something you can do, it is.
    If you have ever wondered whether yoga is too difficult, it's not."

Have you or a friend taken a Yoga MS class?
What did you think?


Yurt with an accessible entrance.

Yurt with an accessible entrance.

Have you heard of Glamping, or glamorous camping?

Glamping is a "comfort-focused way" to enjoy the outdoors. Thanks to this trend, people with disabilities can now enjoy the great outdoors easier than ever. Lynn Anderson, a professor in the recreation, parks and leisure studies department at the State University of New York at Cortland mentions in the Momentum article that “You’re able to spend time in the outdoors overnight but have some of the amenities that you’re used to in everyday life to facilitate that experience.”

Karen Francisco, a customer service specialist who was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS says, “I go for lots of walks. The quiet is very peaceful, and the fresh air is energizing. It gives me the opportunity to think about life and decompress.” Wouldn't you agree that wilderness therapy is a great way to de-stress?

Check out the article here to read more stories of fellow glampers with MS telling their experiences with glamping. The article also provides information on planning your next trip and places to stay that are accessible.

Yurt with an accessible entrance.

Yurt with an accessible entrance.

“I tell people to think about the experience they’d like to have, rather than potential limitations. Maybe it’s getting into the mountains, or maybe it’s waking up to the sound of crashing surf? With glamping, there are ways to make it possible.”

I am inspired to plan my next trip. Are you?