Ceiling Lifts 101

Arjo Huntleigh Ceiling Lift System installed by BFA, LLC.

Arjo Huntleigh Ceiling Lift System installed by BFA, LLC.

Ceiling lifts are a godsend for caregivers and clients who want to be independent in their homes. There are ceiling lifts for every need and every budget.

Since this equipment is meant to lift a person and transfer them to another room, you want to make sure it is reliable, sturdy and is able to complete the services you need. Also, take into consideration that ceiling lifts are long term solutions, thus you should think about this as an investment.

The most important parts of ceiling lifts are the quality and the installation. BFA LLC. is a certified dealer and installer for ARJO Huntleigh premium quality lifts. We have been working with these equipments for years and they are hospital grade, so we know they are sturdy.

Ceiling lifts have different forms of installation, so there are lots of things an installer needs to consider structurally before hand.

In above images, the lift is installed next to our clients bed and has a ceiling track that goes to the bathroom. This gives our client independence to transfer from her bed to the bathroom and back.

The installation for this ceiling tract required our team to go to the attic in order to securely bolt it. After the installation is completed, our technician needs to do a series of tests with weights around the whole track.

As you can see, ceiling lifts are a great investment, but you want to make sure that the provider is knowledgeable and has expertise with this equipment.

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Throw back Thursday !

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Do you know what that means? Let's have a little throw back.

Here are pictures from the 2014 National Multiple Sclerosis Annual Bike Ride in Frankenmuth. Yes, I said Frankenmuth! It turned out to be a wonderful way to spend the weekend with the family and raise awareness for MS.

Luis has been cycling since he was a teenager! The MS bike rides are a great way to do the things he loves the most, spend time with family and ride bike.

The BFA LLC. family has been involved in the disability community from the very start. After having an overwhelming amount of clients with Multiple Sclerosis, Luis and Gwendolyne knew they had to be involved with MS organizations and community to learn how they could make a difference in a cause that effects too many people they knew.

Have you participated in any bike rides, walks or other events to raise awareness/ funds for an organization close to your heart?

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What does BFA, LLC. Offer?

Do you know all the services the BFA, LLC. team provides?

Remodeling consulting

ADA Consulting

Home evaluation

Aging in Place Design


Project Approval

Architectural Design


Have you considered any of these Specialty Projects?

Whole Home Renovation






Ceiling Lifts

Door Opener

Power generators

Grab bars


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Total Home Remodel

The BFA LLC. team is currently working on a complete home remodel. We are making this home in Macomb, MI totally accessible! After demolition, the next step is to double waterproof the bathroom.

Stay tuned for more pictures on this projects progress!

Are you a Disabled Veteran?

BFA LLC. is proud to be on the Department of Veteran Affairs Contractor List for the State of Michigan. We have worked with disabled Veteran clients, whom have received Housing Grants from the VA. The purpose of the Housing grants are to enhance disabled Veterans quality of life by providing a safe, barrier free home, where they can live as independently as they can.

support our troops.jpg

Through our experience, many of our Veteran clients have no knowledge that they have these grants available to them. And, much to our surprise, we found it difficult to find detailed explanations of their options. Thankfully, we found a document from Julian Gray Associates , where Cindy S. Alvear,  clearly explained the grants available and the specifications to qualify for them.

The VA offers a few different Housing Grants:

Specially Adapted Housing Grant (SAH)

  • Veteran may receive up to $67,555 for accessible home modifications.
  • Veteran is only qualified if they were permanently disabled during service.
  • Click here for details.

Special Home Adaptation Grant

  • Veteran may receive up to $13,511 for any accessible home modifications.
  • Veterans qualify if permanently and totally disabled as a resulf of Military service.
  • Click here for details.

Click here for more information on SAH and SHA grants from the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Home Improvement and Structural Assistance (HISA)

  • Veteran may receive $2,000 to $6,800 for accessible home modifications.
  • Veterans qualify if disabled as a result of service related or non service related conditions.
  • Requires a perscription from VA facility or physician.
  • " A HISA grant is available to veterans who have received a medical determination indicating that improvements and structural alterations are necessary or appropriate for the effective and economical treatment of a disability. The HISA program does not cover major modifications that are generally covered by the SAH grant program. For instance, handrails installed in showers are covered under HISA, while widening a bathroom doorway is not. A veteran may receive both a HISA grant and either a Special Home Adaptation (SHA) grant or a Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) grant."
  • Click here for more details.

Are you wondering if you qualify? Do you know where or how to get started?

If you are asking yourself these overwhelming question, contact the BFA LLC. team today!    We have contacts at the Department of Veteran Affairs that we can directly connect you to. Don't wait any longer.

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Accessible Bathroom 101

Accessible Bathroom. Roll-in shower with folding bench. ADA toilet with Flip bars and bidet toilet seat.

Accessible Bathroom. Roll-in shower with folding bench. ADA toilet with Flip bars and bidet toilet seat.

Over the years, working with the disability community, bathrooms have been our top priorities. The majority of our clients injuries at home, are from the bathroom. 

"Bathrooms can be one of the most dangerous rooms in the home."

Above MS, is a helpful resource for people with MS. There, I found an Occupational Therapist giving advise on bathroom modifications. I found her tips useful, so below, I broke it down for you ,as well as, added advise from our experience.

1. Flip Grab bar, 2. Bidet toilet seat

1. Flip Grab bar, 2. Bidet toilet seat

Grab bars

Grab bars come in different sizes and shapes. They can be installed vertically or horizontally. Flip bars are also a great option, especially next to the toilet. The flip bar, flips up and down, depending on your needs. It is helpful for transferring to the toilet.

ADA toilet

A raised toilet seat, or placing a commode with arms over a toilet, can help with transferring by reducing the distance from sitting to standing, or standing to sitting. Along with the ADA toilet, many of our clients request bidet toilet seats. For many people who have any sort of problem with decreased sensation, trunk rotation, decreased spine-motor coordination, or dexterity, bidet toilet seat help our clients with wiping and proper cleaning, a bidet toilet seat is a Godsend.

1. Grab bars, 2. Folding shower bench

1. Grab bars, 2. Folding shower bench


Shower seat

A shower seat is a must for an ADA shower. We recommend a folding shower bench. This is connected to the wall, so there is no sliding of the seat. You can fold it up to be out of your way, or fold it down when you need it. If you notice the image, we install grab bars right next to the shower seat for safe transitioning. 

 Hand shower

A Hand shower allows our clients or their caregivers, to shower easily and safely. You can use it standing up or sitting down.

1. Grab bars, 2. Hand shower, 3. Folding shower bench, 4. Roll-in Shower

1. Grab bars, 2. Hand shower, 3. Folding shower bench, 4. Roll-in Shower


Roll-in Shower

As an ADA specialists, we recommend an open floor design or Roll-in shower. There are no barriers to step over. Our clients can roll in and out of the shower.

Automatic Light Switch

When it comes to light switches, push pads are much easier than switches. There are different kinds, some are a glow-in-the-dark with wall templates, that are helpful for nighttime use. We also recommend automatic light switches. They turn on automatically when you enter the bathroom, using motion sensors.

Like the Occupational Therapist says, "Again, bathrooms could be inherently dangerous rooms, so it’s probably one of the most important rooms to start with certain changes or modifications. "

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