BFA LLC, Luis and Ortiz,
We appreciate the hard work and dedication to complete our bath remodel in the time you quoted (with as little inconvenient as possible). We see your attention to detail and quality work. Your help in choice of tile was best suited to our style. Our new bathroom with roll in shower is magnificent, you are an artist. We look forward to you completing our future home remodel.
— Margaret

Lifting and Transfers


Ceiling lifts , transfer lifts and other equipment complement each other and work together to provide a safe accessible solution. 

BFA,llc is committed to making patient lifting and patient transfers safer and more comfortable for both, our customers and their caregivers. With the right equipment and provided education, caregivers can use lifts and raising aids safely to optimized comfort.

Arjo Ceiling Lifts & Tracks

Ceiling lift systems from ArjoHuntleigh enable residents/patients to be transferred in a safe, comfortable and dignified way.

They also provide an easy-to-operate system that eliminates the need for manual lifting, thereby reducing the risk of injuries to caregivers or themselves.

A single caregiver can carry out transfers quickly and efficiently, controlling all of the processes via a handheld control unit. This type of system also saves staff time, as it is always accessible, ready for use and within easy reach for the caregiver. When the lift system is not in use, it is conveniently and discreetly stored away on the overhead track, out of sight and automatically recharging, thereby freeing up precious floor space.

Track Solutions

Supporting a total ceiling lift concept.

ArjoHuntleigh can create the ideal track configuration for your needs. There is a solution for every type of ceiling and the system flexibility to meet any layout challenge. System configurations are available to support patient handling routines on a permanent basis, or for semi-permanent or temporary situations.

Ceiling lift options for bathroom access

  • Varied options available.
  • May track continuously from bedroom or other area of home.
  • May move portable motor onto separate track in the bathroom.
  • May use pressure fit system which secures track in the bathroom.
  •  Provides accessible bathroom area without necessarily need for remodeling.
  • Addresses transfers, safety, and bathing access – can be used with positioning seating.
  • Options available to accommodate vaulted ceilings.
  • Self-transfer potential with specialized harnesses.
All our overhead lift system meets ADA-Compliance
Michigan Authorized Dealers of Transfer Ceiling/Lift Solutions : Ceiling Lifts for Patients ArjoHunleigh

We are a Michigan Accessible Home Remodeling company committed to create functional and affordable barrier free environments since 2003.

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